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These Days

Don't Hide Your Heart Away

She Ain't No 13

All Those Old-Timers

Are Dead

20,000 Matchsticks

Since I Gave Up Hope

(I Feel Much Better)

The Way You Love Me

I Shouldn't Be Thinking These Thoughts

Some Other Life

What Happened To Us?

Hi, I'm Ed. It's been a long and winding road, but I think that's par for the course. I've been teaching and directing theater on the professional level since 1992. Since 2005, I've been the Artistic Director of Rabbit Hole Ensemble, a critically acclaimed theatre company, formerly based in Brooklyn.

Before focusing on theater, I was a student of jazz trumpet and music theory. I began composing music as part of a rock band. While never directing musicals (I generally don’t like them) my theater productions always reflect a strong aural awareness. Built on rhythm, tone and volume, my  productions engage the ear as well as the eye. My sound designs are all executed by live actors in full view of the audience.

In 2010, I focused more intently on learning the art of mixing and mastering. Since then, I've moved to Woodstock, NY and I work with many local bands. My first mixing and mastering job was for a rock concert recorded at Daryl’s House, a venue made famous by the internet and by its owner, Daryl Hall. As “Ed Charles” (so much easier to spell) I've released two albums, Last Little While and Stay. Both are available on Spotify, iTunes, and all the usual streaming platforms.

My latest album, Some Other Life, is inspired by my recent enthusiasm for the life and times of Billie Holiday. A live performance of the album – and the stories that inspired the songs – is currently in rehearsal.